As you nice people are providing me many pieces of information,when I am in need.
So you people are always respectable for me and I will regard you as Sir.

As I am very weak in english,some mistakes are bound to be happen during typing, but I am trying my lebel best to iimprove with the help of some knowledgable people like you. Sorry for any inconvenient.

Here is one more problem.

Mom is limit.

Please explain the meaning of this sentence.

... And your typing has indeed improved, Hanuman. Thank you for taking the time to check yourself first. I can now be confident in telling you that:

'english' should be 'English'-- languages like nationalities and countries are always capitalized.

'lebel' should be 'level'-- and you have just taught me something about Indian pronunciation (you are from India, are you not?)

'inconvenient' should be 'inconvenience'-- as the object of the preposition.

Now, to your sentence:

'Mom is limit'. Hmm. Unfortunately, I have no idea, unless this has been mistranscribed, and is actually 'Mom is the limit'. In this case, it means that Mom is extremely good, or bad, or some other extreme in her personality or behaviour.

Hope this helps.
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Sir Micawber,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and guidance.

Yes, I am Indian,but all Indian are not committing same mistakes as I do. I have already toled you that I am realy very poor in English. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your nice suggestions.

I have a lot of difficulty when I am writting in English. If you don't mind ,please tell me how can I improve my writting.

I have some more problem like

The pronoun "You" is same for singular and Plural. But I have no idea to use it as sigular.

As I know that the adjective "any" is used in negative sentence like -I don't have any money. or in introgative sentence like--- Do you have any money.

I was doing some exercise on adjective. The question was like this-----

"Fill in the blank with any suitable adjectives."

I just started to think about the word "any". The above sentence is neither negative nor introgative . Please clear these doubts.

What is plural form of the noun "Lioness".
waht is the noun for the adjective "nice".
Actually, I think you communicate rather well, Hanuman. It's more a matter of being careful with your spelling and punctuation, generally.

Your questions:

(1) "The pronoun "You" is same for singular and plural. But I have no idea how to use it as singular"-- Guess what? You just did use it, here: "If you don't mind, please tell me...". Every time you direct a locution to one person, you use 'you' and every time you direct a locution to more than one person, you use 'you'. Simple, eh?

(2) The rule stating that 'any' is for negative and interrogative sentences, and 'some' is for affirmative sentences is a False Rule and should be ignored. It is a trend, not a rule. Other factors are: 'any' is a non-assertive word, and often occurs in affirmative sentences; in this case when it means 'it doesn't matter which'. 'Some' is used in questions which encourage the answer 'Yes'.

(3) One lioness, two lionesses. Two princesses. 'Nicety' is the noun for 'nice' in its older meaning of 'precise, etc.'
what is meaning of introgative system sir
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