I like to know via Eglish forum ' What is the"DECLAMATION" ?

difference between gerund andpresent participle?

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You've come to the right place to agonize over this distinction. I've been doing so for three years, and I get absolutely no sympathy. Emotion: headbang

The popular wisdom is that the gerund is NOT, repeat, NOT, nor never was, a present participle. End of story.

I invite you to use our internal search engine to examine the many threads on the subject.

You'll probably get a few more encouraging replies to your inquiry! Emotion: nodding Emotion: happy

You might also try posting your request (with a bit more careful English) in our Linguistics Forum.

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Hi guys,

I don't know if it will encourage you or discourage you if I tell you that most native English speakers don't even know what a gerund is. Howver, they can still speak good English.

Having said this, I understand very well that, as non-native learners of English, you need definitions and rules. Frankly, I'm always impressed by the rules that non-natives mention on the Forum. Many of them, I have never heard of, yet they usually seem valid.

So, don't feel discouraged!Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive