I was suddenly asked by a friend about the meaning of "I apply my personality in a paste."

I have no idea about it, could anyone please give me some ideas. Thanks a lot.
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No, it doesn't. Have you read the rest of this four-year-old thread?
It's from quote the movie Eternal Sunshine of the SpotlessMmind. It was referring to the girl's personallity coming from her hair dye(paste)
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you guys have go it all wrong, its means that her personallity smothers you like a paste, like she's full on from the moment you meet her, likes she's part of you life and you've been friend forever.
No, it doesn't. Have you read the rest of this six-year-old thread???
Actually, that is what it means. She is not talking about her hair color, she is talking about her overwhelming application of her personality from the moment she meets someone. Have you even watched the movie?
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I took it to mean that she doesn't have any personality, that the fact she is interesting and maybe weird is only implied through her hair colour. (I know she is full of personality but she is being self-deprecating.) That is my input to this "seven-year old or whatever thread".
You are the only one that has a comment that actually makes emotional and metaphorical sense and the only one that I've agreed with this far!
Your reply is the most accurate of them all.
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Thank you. That makes total sense.
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