I was suddenly asked by a friend about the meaning of "I apply my personality in a paste."

I have no idea about it, could anyone please give me some ideas. Thanks a lot.
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Any context? I'd like to know what paste we're talking about.

Say you're a tooth paste designer.
You would perhaps design the flavor and the color of the paste to match your hot temperatmentEmotion: smile
OK, so I found it in a movie:
my favorite quotes from the film "eternal sunshine of a spotless mind"

"I apply my personality in a paste."

Now, I haven't seen the movie.
It seems to be some kind of a cult object on the Web (in Punk sections or whatever)

Perhaps, I'm seeing myself as a painter and I apply my personality to events and persons surrounding me as a painter does with his paste(s)/colors.
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It is from 'Eternal Sunshine' - it's Clementine (Kate Winslet) talking about the constant dying of her hair.
in eternal sunshine kate winslet's character dyes her hair crazy colors all the time and says to jim carrey's character, "i apply my personality in a paste." simply meaning she changes her hair color with how she is feeling.
its an amazing movie. everyone should see it.
You don't seem to like capital letters.
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This is a quote from the movie 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' Emotion: smile
I love that movie.. and to me it means she expresses herself with the color of her hair dye.

In the film Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind , clementine always has her hair a diffferent crazy color. I love it . and i too apply my my personality in a paste its currently a bit green. xD
It means you're a painter or an artist.
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