If you do something to order, you do it whenever you are asked to do it.

  • Cars are stolen to order for clients.

I can't get the meaning of "Cares are stolen to order for clients".

Does that mean according to the request of clients, someone have stolen cars? Someone has stolen the cars which were to be sold to clients?


Here's the broad idea.

If you want a grey 2-door Volvo, you go to a car thief and place your order by saying 'Please steal a grey 2-door Volvo for me. Then he finds one and steals it, and you pay him for stealing it. You are his client, ie his customer.



Your definition is correct for restaurants, but not for the crime of stealing cars. The meaning is a little different. It means that the thieves don't go out and steal any car that is easy to steal. They make money by stealing a particular kind of car that a person wants. There may be some corrupt businessman who wants a white, classic 1965 Ford Mustang. He tells the thieves that he wants that special car. They look around till they find one. They steal it for him, tell him when they have it, and he buys it from them. Maybe he wants a new BMW or some other special car. It's not something the thieves can take care of in a matter of minutes.