I put my finger cross.

What is meaning of this sentence.

There is another meaning as well - if we cross our fingers but keep them hidden (in a pocket or behing our back) it means we can tell a lie and it somehow doesn't count as a lie. It's hard to explain really...
Hello Hanuman 2K

The superlative of 'I've got my fingers crossed' is 'I've got
everything crossed'.

It's customary to show the crossed fingers of both hands
while saying this - sometimes with the hands themselves
crossed, and a short sharp downward movement of the hands.

The implication is that every other part of the body is crossed
as well.

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Something is amiss: the sentence should be 'I'm crossing my fingers', which means that I hope for good luck. Some folks actually cross their index fingers over their middle fingers as they say this.
And some of us cross our middle fingers over our index fingers!

Hi, Micawber!
Ooh! You're right-- so do I: I just tried it.
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