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What does D stand for? ( I suppose it's for Dooms Day ).
What does D-Day refer to? ( I suppose it refers to the first day of important events like exam,etc)
How and when should it be used?

Thanks in advance,
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I think the "D" refers to the first letter of the word "day"
likewise the M minute, the S second etc etc...
It means THE DAY when something important's got to be done, or is going to occur
Of course, it all depends on the context.
D : abbreviation for day. D-day is THE DAY.

Historically, D-day was a coded name for the day (June 6th 1944) the Allies troops started an invasion on the Normandy beach. Later on, the term became a war metaphor used for any day that is deemed IMPORTANT.
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I believe it was sometimes called J-Jour across the channel...which supports 'D for Day'.

Though I've also heard that 'D-Day' was in use before WWII. Can't remember where though. So disregard me.

Debarkation Day?
I agree with pieanne. I've also heard that D-Day simply means "the day", as in the day that a military operation begins. The hour it begins would then be called "H-Hour." I think that the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 is simply the most famous "D-Day."
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It is fairly common use now, at least in French, to say: "Ah, so tomorrow is the D-day!", for example when your son/daughter starts college on that day.
Or the H-hour...
Oh, so we have H-hour too.

What about M-minute!? Any eg. May be it can be used during launching of satellites.

I want to make it very clear in any field I take. [Ofcourse, you can shout at me - "Asking question is easier than answering it!!!!!!!!"]
What does the D in D- day stand for Is it just Day
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