Hi. I have a problem with understanding the sence of a sentence that I ran onto today. It may seem simple to you, cause i guess, it's kind of obvious thing, but for me, as I am only learning english, it turned out to be pretty hard.

So that is the sentence:

"Royal visit to Ireland was followed by a mysterious disappearance of Irish crown jwels."

And my question is: what is the meaning of "was followed by" here ? Does that mean, that the jewels disappeared at first, and then was the visit, or it means that the disapperance was somehow connected with the visit, and the jewels were lost after that ?

Second thing, that I actually saw when writing this post and it made me wonder, if it is possible to say "I wish I would ..." just if it's correct to say something like that, cause i heard from ppl that it's not incorrect to put would after I wish I etc etc, and I just thought Why not ? Could someone explain that maybe on some examples or something ?

Thanks a lot for your effort Emotion: smile btw. it's my first time here.
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I also have the same doubt,

okey see these sentences in active & passive tences

"I follow you" active tense

"you are followed by me" passive tence

now guess the meaning of "followed by"

am i correct ?
Dear All,

Thanks for your kind support.


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In this context, "was followed by" indicates that the thing on the right happened after the thing on the left.

"followed by" could indicate that something happens afterward (in time, or sequentially/numerically) or it could also mean that something physically follows something else.

Positional/physical example:
"The fox ran into the forest, followed by those who were hunting it."

Sequential/logical example:
"There 1 was followed by the 2".

Hope this helps.