I sen t this email: " Hi, Robert, happy birthday. I wish you all the best. Hope you and your family have enjoyed the trip to Portugal.Nice place to place your portuguese."

And received this reply: Hi Sue !!! " thank you very much. Portugal was magnificent !! It was great to practice Portuguese. In fact, I have dedicated this year to learning more Portuguese. More later."

I would like to know the meaning of in fact and the word later in the reply.

thnaks bunches
Hello Drica, welcome to English Forums!

"In fact" means roughly "It is a fact that", "It is true that". The phrase is used to emphasise the sincerity or truthfulness of the following statement.

"More later" is an abbreviation of "I'll tell you more about this later".

Let me know if it's still unclear!

Best wishes,

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thank you so much! Now I completely understand it !
You're welcome!