Please tell me the meaning of MODUS OPERANDI, SEX APPEAL.

I am obsessed with some thing which i dont know. 

In this sentence please tell me the meaning of obsessed?

Modus operandi - the method used to do something - often used to describe the method used to commit crime

Sex appeal - appeal of a sexual nature .. she has a lot of sex appeal - she is sexually appealing (sexually desirable)

Obsess - occupy the thought of a person continually .. I am obsessed by/with her because she has so much sex appeal. I continually think about her (-?). I can't stop thinking about her (-?).
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Hehe, thanks for the illustration!
What about modus operandi? You mean you are going to commit a crime?
Thinking of something day and night that you can't get it off your mind is ' obsession 'Emotion: smile
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I know exactly what you mean. It could be called obsession or maybe addiction. Which do you think is the best term?
As far as I know, addiction is most of the time in association with drugs whereas obsession is to the mind. We use addiction on habits at times because it is like drugs hard to get rid of.