Can someone tell me the meaning of the phrase "All the more" please? I would appreciate if the replier includes some examples.

mfarrCan someone tell me the meaning of the phrase "All the more" please?
The meaning is "even more" or simply "more", but the intent is to indicate that one person will have as much more as another person has less.

If my friend and I are both offered a second slice of cake for dessert and I refuse the offer, my friend, thinking that he can eat the slice of cake that I would have eaten in addition to his slice, might say "All the more for me".

In more abstract contexts, 'all the more' (as in 'all the more reason') can mean 'yet another' or 'yet a stronger'.

— I've always wanted to go to Budapest.
— Then you should go. What's stopping you?
— Well, I'm not getting any younger. Still, I probably shouldn't wait until I'm too old to go.
— Yes. That's something worth considering. But you aren't sure you'll go?
— That's just it. I think I am really going to go because I just found a really good deal on a package trip to Budapest.
— All the more reason to go now.

you usually see it in a phrase like
"all the more reason to ..x .... " when x is a matter under discussion

- it just intensifies a point of agreement (or disagreement)

my dad used to say "all the more for me" if I declined some food whcih he would then eat .. in which case it just means "more" really!
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Very true ! my dad sometimes wanted me to have one of his beers and if i reject to be part of his driking problem he said all the more for me son!!
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