I have a question about the sentence below. I think "close down" means closing something permanently. So I can't help but wonder this sentence is not making sense because a regular hotel has just one hotel bar, and it can be closed down "always." Does "close down" have any other meaning?

"Kieffer Sutherland. Wow. Great guest. Always closing down the hotel bar."

He usually stays and drinks until the staff closes the bar.
"Close down" could mean "to close something permanently" but not always and certainly not in your example.
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hi, thanks for the reply.

so how should I read it? I can't imagine Kieffer Sutherland is closing a hotel bar.
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I see. Thank you.
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"Closing the bar" is an idiom for staying until they "kick you out."
, which I never know without asking you.
Ivanhr said the same thing, plus he explained "closed" vs "closed down."
It has a special meaning when you're a customer. "We closed the place." Emotion: drunk
It doesn't mean you washed the glasses and locked the doors.
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