Boys over sixteen are debarred of competing.

What is `debarred' means here?
From a dictionary:
"debar = exclude or prohibit (someone) officially from doing something"
In other words - "Boys over sixteen are not allowed to compete."
one is debarred from something, not debarred of something.

Personally, I would use 'barred' in this sentence.
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hey there,

It means not allowed prevented forbidden
User_garyWhat is `debarred' means here?
Just a little correction, if you don't mind -- your question should read:

"What does 'debarred' mean here?".

PS: Oops, that was me in the previous post -- I had forgotten to log in.
And then there is "disbarred", meaning having one's license to practice law taken away.
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boys over sixteen are not capable to participate of competing