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Regarding the following page:


Is Microsoft making a smart phone? That depends on your definition of 'doing'
---Microsoft forays into building its own hardware devices hasn't exactly resulted in blockbuster success. Let the partners take the fall. We can call it the "do-ening."

Do you know the meaning of "do-ening"?

Please help me!
I'd say this is a "nonce" word. (MrM taught me that one. It's a made-up word for a single specific occasion.)

This guy likes to play with words. "We're not doing a phone." (I don't do windows.) If Microsoft were "doing" a phone, that would be an event - a happening! So what might it mean when Microsoft says they're doing or not doing a phone? He refers to their "double-speak" meaning their words can be tricky or deceiving. (M. speak with forked tongue!) They've had bad luck inventing new hardware, so they assign it to an associated company, so that when it flops, Microsoft won't look bad.

So anyway, we're doing a phone / we're not doing a phone. We're going to have a big event - a happening. (Well, in Microsoft's case, let's call it a do - ening.)

(That's the way I see it.) - A.
Thank you very much for your explanation, Avangi.

As a "nonce" word, "do-ening" was used, and its intended meaning is "happening".

I'm not good at playing with words, so I thank you very mucn.