Does the expression "to keep on one's toes" basically mean "to walk on eggshells" ?

I saw it used in sentences along the lines of these:

I need to keep on my toes
In the end, no major harm was done, but I have to keep on my toes with her

If I'm wrong about its meaning, could you provide your explanation, please?

Thanks !
You have to be very alert and ready to act quickly.

Someone playing baseball in the outfield better stay on their toes when a batter know for long hits comes to bat. The sense is alert and ready to act.

Walk on eggshells is another metaphor - it means someone may get angry very easily, or there is a situation that is barely hanging in balance and you can mess it up by acting to hastily. The sense is being very careful to not upset anything or anyone.
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Thank you , Barbara !

Now I see what it means.
Hi, this is the sentence,

its important to reassure your partner that no matter how long you've been together, he still keeps you on your toes.

the word still keeps you on your toes what does it means?

Please read the verified answer above. Then ask if you still don't understand.

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