Dear Teacher,

I meet the sentence:

"The last thing in the world I need is the sheriff on my case. That's who I thought you were, as a matter of fact. They got women sheriffs these days, did you know that? Sheriffettes."

Question: what's the meaning of Sheriffettes? I cannot find it in any dictionary.


There is no such word. The speaker is playing with the word 'sheriff'.

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That's because Sheriffettes is not a word.It was fancifully conceived by the author of "B" IS FOR BURGULAR

  • Function: noun suffix
  • Etymology: French, feminine diminutive suffix, from Old French -ete — more at -et
1 : little one <kitchenette>
2 : female <farmerette>

The were Bathing suit cops back in the 20s. They measured women's bathing suits at the beaches or pools. They were mainly used in California.