i would appreciate if anyone could help me with some words i need to understand to write a CV correctly.

What is thought by general grammar school? Is that equal to general secondary school, like gymnasium called in Europe?

Is there any difference between touch and blind typing? What is more common to use?

I have hurt some poeple saying that an expression secretary is a bit old-fashioned ? Are there any synonymes (like desk officer?) for a secretary? Can we say ˝I did secretarial or administrative work˝?

Thank you!


1) Grammar school - this will depend on the country you are applying to. In the UK, for example, a grammar school is a publicly funded school for which there is a competitive examination for entrance at age 11. Only a few children take the tests though, and out of those, only a few pass.

2) Stick to touch typing.

3) Well what was your job? There is nothing wrong with secretary but if you want to make it sound a bit more exciting you could say P.A.
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Thanks for help Nona the brit! (i will stick to the secretary Emotion: smile after all it was only a small part of the practical training)

In the U.S, "grammar school" is a rather old-fashioned term for elementary school -- that is, the school a child would attend from about age 6 to 11 or 12.
grammar school generally refers to primary education .. or age 6-12

i think 'blind' typing would be politically incorrect in north america (i've never heard that used) we say touch typing to describe typing without looking

you could say Administrative Assistant.. You may have heard people say that secretary is old-fashioned because increasingly a secretary is no longer just that. their job involves a lot more.. I worked in the employment field and secretary job postings are usually called "administrative assistant" or "admin assistant"; people like to make up fancy job titles though.
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