Does anyone know the essential meaning of the block capttal structures .


I'VE BEEN to new york
this is a present perfect structure,which is being used to talk about an experience at an indefinite time in the past.He has been to New York in the past,but he is not there now.

Thank you
maybe it's someting to do with condition II.
Hope to hear from someone who can help.
Hello arabella,
You are right about the first sentence. BEEN TO indicates that you went to a place but you aren't there anymore.
Your second sentence is a conditional type III: this type is often called "Impossible" or "Hypothetical" because it expresses an impossible condition in the past. You can't go back in time and retake that exam and, given that condition, you could or couldn't have gone to Cancun again. The usual tenses used in this type are "past perfect" in the conditional sentence and "perfect conditional" in the main sentence.

Hope that helps.

PS: I think this post should be in the General Grammar section, shouldn't it?
Thank you very much for your help.You are right it should be in general grammar but i'm knew here and I sometiemes don't even know where my message is.THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.
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Can you help me with this one please?

I'm having my car repaired

Is this present continous tense which is normally used for actions which are taking place now?
I'm not sure if the car is going to be repaired or is being repaired.Thank you.
I'm is the contraction of I am

Have +past participle
Have has the meaning of causing...to happen

Is this right?anyone?
Thank you
Hi againEmotion: smile

I'm having my car repaired

Structure: "Have/Get something done"
This is used when someone else is doing something for you, for example, you don't really repair your car, but a mechanic does this. You don't really cut your hair, but a hairdresser or barber does: "I'm having/getting my hair cut". You don't really paint your house, but a painter does, as in "I'm getting/having my house painted". Do you see what I mean? You can either use the verb "have" or "get" + noun + past participle, as you said.

You can use the present continuous tense as in "I'm having my car repaired", but here it could have a future arrangement meaning. F. ex. : "I'm visiting my aunt tomorrow" --> this means that you have already arranged to see your aunt tomorrow, it doesn't mean you are doing it right now. Of course, it could also mean that you have your car in the garage right now, it dependes on the context or situation.

If you want to convey a past meaning: "I had/got my car repaired yesterday"
Or a future meaning: "I'm going to have/get my car repaired tomorrow"
Also: "I will have/get my car repaired"

Hope this has helped you. Anyway, I'm sure you can find more about this in any Advanced or Upper-Intermediate level book.

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Regretably what is used in every day conversation and what is grammatically correct are not always the same thing. I am having breakfast. (Present Continuous ) I will have breakfast soon ( future ). Hope this helps Arabella.
Thank you Novalee and David for all your help.It's grat to get some answers.THANKS