can any one please tell me the meaning of napster...
it is the word used in the movie ITALIAN JOB
the person in the movie has automated all the traffic control system to his own computer system....n then the line

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i think i send u the correct word.....

its the word which is used in the film ITALIAN JOB.

in this movie a person hack the all trafic control ....

and a message like "YOU CAN`T STOP THE REAL NAPSTER" comes towards the traffic controller
"Napster" was one of the first highly popular digital music sharing sites. The US Justice Department eventually closed it down because the songs were being up/downloaded "illegally".
A very famous line was described in the movie 'ITALIAN JOB' that YOU WILL NEVER SHUT DOWN THE REAL NAPSTER.
Napster is a file sharing site that facilitates the free exchange of digital music via Internet.
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It means almost anywhere, anytime..
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