I am translating a web from Disney, and I would like to know what this daily means. It means like "open year round"?

Disney Vacation Club Preview Center
Ko Olina Center
00-0000 Olani Street
Suite 0-000C
Kapolei, HI 00000

Daily 0:00 a.m. – 0:00 p.m.

Phone Number
Toll Free: (000) 0-AULANI or (000) 000-0000
Toll Free from Japan: 0000-000000
Local: (000) 000-0000

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Daily is another word for everyday.

You can find this use on medication bottles.

Take one pill daily after meal.

Or on airline commercials: 5 flights to LA daily.
dimsumexpressDaily is another word for every day.
Two words.
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mitsuwao23It means like "open year round"?
This issue is usually addressed in a separate statement, or at least in a separate phrase.

"Daily" usually implies "seven days a week." (Sometimes, "Daily except Sunday" is specified.)

Otherwise, schedules typically specify eg,

"weekdays 7am - 5pm

Saturday(s) 9am - 5pm

Sunday(s) 9am - 2pm" (or "closed Sunday(s)" )
OK, thank you for the detailed explaination.Emotion: smile

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dimsumexpressDaily is another word for every day.
Two words.
"Daily" is two words?
khoff"Daily" is two words? Emotion: tongue tied
"Every day" is two words.
(Dimsum had written "everyday," which works as an adjective but not as an adverb.) Emotion: wink
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