I'm translating a webpaga from Delta, but I don't know what this establising means, ant thus the sentence make no sense. Will you expalin it. I think establishing means like creating or forming, doensn't it?

Air transportation on Delta and the Delta Connection carrierĀ® is subject to Delta's conditions of carriage. They include terms governing, for example:

-- Check-in requirements and other rules establishing when we may refuse carriage

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You're correct on the meaning. Commonly when a company is formed, they say it is established.

You could rewrite the sentence as "...other rules stating/saying when we may refuse..."
Ok, I think I understood it.

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You can think of this as "defining clearly", "stating clearly", "setting forth clearly" with the possible addition of the idea "definitively", "officially", and with a little shade of meaning "for the first time".