Would you tell me the meaning of "vent out" in the sentence below? I's from a catalog of a dispensing machine, and I can't be sure what that means.

"Vapour outlet for venting out corrosive liquids or fumes."

mitsuwao23"Vapour outlet for venting out corrosive liquids or fumes."
As a verb, it means to get rid of unwanted gas or liquid by some prearranged means.

As a noun, a vent is the device which accomplishes this action.

In some cases, it's the buildup of pressure which needs to be relieved (vented), rather than the specific substance.

Personally, I think of gasses in this connection more often than liquids.
For example, I wouldn't refer to "an overflow [pipe]," or "a drain [pipe]" (which is intended specifically for liquids) as a vent.
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Thank you, very clear!
Note that the "out" is optional. You could say, "an outlet for venting gasses."
Thanks for the tip, again.
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