would you tell me the meaning of this "wound"?

Valencia was a striking, tightly wound Colombian woman with a closetful of short skirts and a Singular talent for appalling her neighbors.

Thank you,

It's like the spring of an old fashioned watch.

When it's applied to a person, it typically means that much of their energy is pent up.

Perhaps, like a coiled rattlesnake ready to spring.

potential energy vs. kenetic energy

Before batteries, we used to have "wind-up" toys, driven by a coil spring.

When the spring was tightly wound, the toy, when released, would perform at maximum speed.

She had a lot of energy held back, waiting to be released.

It might occasionally be released in short violent bursts.

Since the first part of your sentence describes her physically, it may conceivably suggest that her musculature was taught rather than loose and flabby.
Thank you. I think I got the main idea.