What does "What-so-ever" mean?

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That is written as one word. In American English it is typically used in a negative sentence and means the same thing as 'at all'. It stresses the idea of 'none':

He doesn't get any respect whatsoever. His employees only laugh at him.
(He doesn't get any respect at all.)
The contract stated that he would never eat any meat ..........
(Correct answer: (a) whatsoever)
The contract stated that he would never eat any meat whatsoever.

The contract stated that he would never eat any meat howsoever.
(Your answer was: incorrect)

"Whatsoever" is a pron word and "howsoever" is a adv word.And howsoever means "to whatever degree or extent".Why doesn't it fit here?

Hi Strawberry,
You have to look at this sentence in the context of the little story I've written. George has signed a contract agreeing not to eat meat of any kind. The emphasis is on the meat - in other words no meat at all of any kind. That's why it should be no meat whatsoever. If you said howsoever, you would be referring to the verb eat and the manner in which he would eat it and that's not the meaning intended.
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Hi Anon,

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there are two use of this word!

1. Like: Whatever. some kind of...something,....ect

"In whatsoever shape he lurk". (Milton)
"Whatsoever God hath said unto thee, do". (Gen. xxxi. 16)
2. In any way; at all.
He gave me no answer whatsoever.
As adverb it means "at all".. e.g. "I have no regrets whatsoever" = "I have no regrets at all."

As adjective it means "whatever". "so" is just for embellishing.
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What-so-ever means (loosely translated) at all. IT is important to note that whatsoever only emphasises a poitn and does not ever need to be used.


I have never recieved any money from the government whatsoever.

would mean the same as

I have never recieved any money from the government.
What so ever
Yours answers totally make sense, thanks for spending time explaining it.
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