I couldn't find the meaning of 'transfer' in the dictionary used in the following context. Thanks so much for the help.

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said there are questions about how long the new agreement will be for and how funds will be allocated. He also expressed concern that health-care funding could come at the expense of other programs.

“Let’s say they raise transfers by a billion dollars, and then they cut a billion somewhere else,” Duncan said. “Then that leaves us no further ahead.”
I've done a little research. I believe that when Duncan is speaking about "transfers" he is referring to "transfer payments." These are funds given by the federal government to the provincial goverments to pay for health care. The funds come from the taxes collected by the federal government from all citizens. They are later transferred to the individual provinces.
Oh so that's what it is. Thanks so much, I couldn't find the info anywhere on the net.