Dear Teacher,

I meet the sentences in a novel:

The intercom paged a passenger to the white courtesy telephone, but the name was garbled and I didn't think anyone would respond.

Question: What's the meaning of "paged" here? the white courtesy telephone?

I picked up my rental car and a sheet map and by 5:15 was headed north on U.S 1. Twenty miles to Fort Lauderdale, another fifteen to Boca Raton.

Question: What's the meaning of "U.S.1"? Is it the name of a road? Should I pronounce U.S. 1 "us one or first"?

What's the meaning of "paged" here?-- Called out somebody's name over a P.A. system.

What's the meaning of "U.S.1"? Is it the name of a road?-- Yes
Should I pronounce U.S. 1 "you ess one"?-- Yes.
Typically in an American airport there will be special white telephones in various locations. If someone calls the airport in some kind of emergency and needs to speak to an arriving or departing passenger, an announcement will be made over the loudspeaker, saying something like, "Mister Fleeglebork, Mister Phineas Fleeglebork, please come to a white paging telephone. " (or "courtesy teleophone." ) Mister Fleeglebork can then go to any of the white telephones and be connected to the right caller. It's also very typical that the sound is not very clear and the names are hard to understand.
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But what's the meaning of the white courtesy telephone?

A free public telephone for incoming calls
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