The writing below is from a book, and would you define the meaning of the underlined off? I suppose it is somewhere between "not acceptable, wrong, and too late" but can't be sure.

Also, if you could, please make up a couple of examples of the same usage with the "off."

Here I'd thought of her as a cold-blooded agent when she was really nothing but a slightly dopey, inexperienced speech teacher. She wasn't a bad person, Miss Samson, but her timing was off. She should have acted friendly at the beginning of the year instead of waiting until now, when all I could do was feel sorry for her.

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She usually had good timing, but not in this case.

eg He fired his rifle at the target. He had hit it before, 100 times. But on this occasion, his aim was off. He missed.

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I would relate this to the art of comedy..

In comedy, the final line of a joke (the punch line) has to be timed just right..

- It was a good joke but he rushed the punch line: his timing was off

Regards, Dave
Thank you people for helping me out!