I will have test on friday, but I have to know the meaning of each word given below, reffering to verbs in english.

- Stative
- Dynamic
- Simple
- General
- Abstract
- Progressive
- Literal
- Primary
- Secondary

I beg anyone who will be answering to this post, please do not write "use google". I want answers, materials, or links to materials, so I can print them all and prepare myslef. I have other tests too, wich I have to prepare for.
I can help you with stative verbs, perhaps, not so much with a definition, but with some examples. Stative verbs are not active or passive. With an active verb, you would expect the subject to be the agent. With a passive verb, you would expect regular subject verb agreement, but the agent would be an un-named subject, while the grammatical subject is the object of the verb. Stative verbs fulfill neither of these roles.

Here are a couple of examples:

The bread smells good.
The bread doesn't do the smelling.

That casserole eats well.
The casserole doesn't do the eating.

I hope this helps you.
Every reply is welcome, thank you Emotion: smile.