I 've read the article of GURU. But I can't read the meaning of that article "Would you like to earn $50 an hour for doing nothing? ". What does it mean ? In my comprehension(should I use 'On my comprehension'?) , a useful and specific title can earn 50 dollars for me? I really don't know, is there someone could tell me the right meaning of it? Thanks
InchoateknowledgeWould you like 50 dollars to fall into your laps?
to fall into your lap
Would you like 50 dollars to fall into your laps?
It means, basically, you do not have to do anything just reach for the money.
Is it what you are after?

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Lol, I guess u just dont get the point. Yeah, the title asks u if u want to earn $50 for nothing but the real topic is about Forum rules so, i can assume, the title was made to spark people interests and to make them read the rules. It was a joke.

Is it the answer on your question?
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