What does this mean? "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" and when it is used?
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Watch out for Greeks offering you presents!!! I'm sure you'll find an expression or two like this in the bible!
The phrase you mentioned in Russian sounds as 'Beware of Danayans bearing gifts'. Its ethimology has something to do with the legend of 'Troyan Horse'. The impregnable city of Troya was invaded by sly Danayans who presented a huge wooden statue of a horse to the city as a sign of reconcilliation. The Troyans accepted the gift and at night Danayan (Greek?) soldiers hidden inside the horse came out and opened the city gates for their troops waiting outside.

'Beware of Danayans bearing gifts' means 'Don't trust your enemies trying to please you'. I don't know if 'Greeks' is the proper word in the English variant of this phrase.
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Thanks chris and bubr! I think I understood the phrase, and there are many more to understand.

chris: sorry, I never read the bible so it's new to me.
I know exactly what you mean!
Maj, what do you think about Christmas then? Was it your holiday?
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LOL - well, you dont have to read the bible for this story - it's not from there!
This Christmas was quite revealing for me.
Deepa, you can read the story in "The Iliad" by Homer.
No, not read in it because it is not thereEmotion: smile, it is related, mithological story.
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