While there are many general explanatory models of why organizational policies take the form that they do (see, for example, Sabatier 2007) most of these rely upon abstract assumptions about human behaviour, such as the claim that people employ forms of means-end rationality when deciding upon courses of action.

what is means-end rationality?

what does ‘deciding upon courses of action means?

car train 329What is means-end rationality?

End means the goal, means is what you do to reach the goal. Rationality is having a good reason to believe what you believe.

So means-end rationality has to do with finding the right means to apply to a desired end.

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car train 329What does 'deciding upon courses of action' means? mean?

After auxiliary do (do, does, did) you must use a verb in its plain form.

'deciding upon courses of action' means 'figuring out what to do'.