Hi everyone.

I know 1 foot is like 0.3m.

when saying, "he is 6 and 2 feet tall". What does it mean? how do I get the equivalence in meters?

Thanks in advance.
"he is 6 and 2 feet tall"
About 1.88m
"he is 6 and 2 feet tall" - we don't say it like this. We say "six feet two tall" or (very often) "six foot two tall". In fact, we wouldn't normally bother to add "tall" at all: "How tall is your brother?" > "He's six foot two".
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He is 6 feet two inches tall. (ie 6 feet + 2 inches)

1 foot = 12 inches.

1 metre = approx. 39.4 inches.

Best wishes, Clive
Thanks a lot Clive
I have a "yard-stick" that has metric markings on the other side. I have no idea where or how I got it; I assume most hardware stores would have one. It really comes in handy!
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