do you tap the T in "meat and eggs"? Or does it become like the final part in "mountain", where the T is usually not released?
meeduh neggs
meetn eggs

I never paid attention to that, but I heard someone pronounce "in" after a word ending in T, and they joined the T and the N as in "mountain"... the meet in the box... the meetn the box...

Any opinions? Thanks Emotion: smile
I seldom say meat and eggs, actually. Ham and eggs or bacon and eggs is more often on my tongue. But if I had to, I would probably roll off /mi:tnegz/.
Thanks MM. Interesting, I'd never noticed that feature. Sometimes it sounds good to me, but there are a lot of cases I am not sure of.

She had a pot and a spoon with her.
She put the pot in
a big box.

I've always tapped the T's in those cases (so you get "pod-uh-n"), I hope it's ok as well. I can't figure out how common it is to get rid of the schwa in between (and get "potn", rhyming with "cotton"), but it doesn't sound unusual to me.
Any other comments on how the two versions sound will be appreciated.Emotion: smile