"Sophie lived on a meat-based diet, when she was in training for the Olympic games."

Can I say "meat-based food" or "mead-based meal" instead of "meat-based diet"?

If it's impossible, would you tell me the reason?

Thank you in advance,
lived on
a meat-based diet / meat-based food / meat-based meals
All convey about the same meaning, although meat is a food, so I think meat-based food would simply be meat, and in that case people would probably say lived on meat. I think meat-based food is too much like sugar-based candy or water-based rainto be a useful combination of words! Emotion: smile

water based rain

It's better then acid based rain! [H]
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HAHA... Good explanation. CJ. I could help but to laugh out when I read "water based rain" LOL!
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Thank you for your replys.
You helped me a lot.