Lois: Can you remind me why l decided
to move to the mutant capital of the world?

Chloe: Can we just put a moratorium
on that word, please?

Sorry, Miss P.C. Barometer. Expurgator?

Chloe: l'm just hoping
that Lana is only temporarily a member of the socially challenged.

Clark: She did this all over a story? Because of a story?

On Lex. l mean, l've heard of vengeful,
but the look in Lana's eyes made
Medea look like Mother Hubbard. A monster look like an angel?
Miss PC Barometer - Miss polically correct language monitor

all over a story - yes

Medea/mother hubbard - well mother hubbard wasn't an angel, but she was a 'lesser evil' in that Medea killed her children, and mother hubbard whipped hers and sent them to bed without any supper.
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I have no idea how you could possibly connect 'barometer' with 'expurgator', but your other two are reasonable paraphrases. In the last case, it is '...a very dangerous woman look like a harmless woman'.
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Then, what? Miss Public Opinion?
The first I mean.
That sounds reasonable.
Thanks, Mister Micawber!
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Thanks for 'PC', Nona-- and thanks for MH: I didn't know there was another verse. All I remember is her bare cupboard.
Just one quick. I can't seem to find polically in any dictionary.
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Ah. Nona must have been in a bit of a rush-- 'politically'. See [url=http://www.bartleby.com/61/40/P0414050.html ]POLITICALLY CORRECT[/url].
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