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Serum And Blood Pressure?

How can I say this: I mean is this right?: My blood pressure went down ( or was low), so the doctor prescribed a blood test and after I ran the blood test, she gave me a serum...

Why Nose Bleed?

why nose bleed?

Brief Forms And Medical Slang?

Decide which contain brief forms that do not need to be changed and which contain medical slang that must be translated. 1. LABORATORY DATA: Her crit was 35. 2. A procto was...


definition of a hospitalist

Med Salaries In England?

Hi! Could you tell me how much English general practitioner earns? Is there any iformation about specialists' salaries? Thanks in advance.

Pharma Name.

hello . i am going to open my pharma company please suggest me a good name for my company...

I Dont Know?

i dont know

Again...What Does The Abbreviation PBR...

Again...What does the abbreviation PBR stand for after a physicians name?

Ubelt Courses?

where can I do ubelt course in italy? I am dentist. I see courses in poland.



Why Lots Of Students Want?

why lots of students want to study in foreign country?

English Literature?

why can't i speak good english at school

Dr. PBR?

What does PBR mean after my Dr.s name?


where did a baby develop in mothers organs?

Is It Right To Say,''He?

is it right to say,''He abetted in her suicide''?

What Is PBR After A?

what is PBR after a doctor's name?


hi what is MS Mch? what is the doctor called with MS Mch? thanks ishan


What is TWOC?

Language Disorder?

Hi, everyone. I really need your advice for completing my thesis. It's about language disorder, especially expressive and receptive language diaorder. But i'm lil bit confused...

Please How Do I Respond To This Letter...

I write to inform you that you have been nominated by your department and the faculty to attend the Faculty Postgraduate retreat scheduled to hold on 20th April 2014 at the XYZ...

Multi Choice Qustion Paper,?

ive just completed 2 years of a fd paramedic science degree but failed a final multi choice exam paper . total 20 questions, at the very end and only 20 credits in total . ive...

Wondering Where Our Aurora Is?

Wondering where our aurora is in our body

Difference Between...

What's the difference between "Clinically proven" and "Medically proven"?


what is best migraine treatment for a woman aged 38?


What does MMM and MBA. STAND FOR?
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