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What Is Pbr After A?

what is pbr after a doctors name


the number of molecules of carbondioxide present in 44g of carbondioxide is


Is acupuncture a western medicine?

Medicine Or Medicene?

Are both correct? Please suggest apt usage. Thanks!

Psychological Health?

Hi everybody, I really need your answers on this topic. I came up with a question in an article "Computer games have serious effects on people's PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH". There...

What Do Mean Hot Verbs?

what do mean hot verbs? where do put in sentence?

"Pr." Dental Title?

on a prescription bottle from a dental clinic, what is the title of 'Pr." in place of 'Dr.'??? Is the person qualified or not?! :/

What Does Pbr Mean After?

what does pbr mean after a dr name

What Makes A Person A?

what makes a person a habitual user of drugs

Can Anybody Help Me To Improve My English...

hi,im a medical student in ireland.English is my second language.i'm having a problem with my english.it's really depressing me everyday when i go to see the patients and present...

A Kind Request For Native Speakers Of...

Dear all, I study Psycholinguistics and I am preparing materials for my MA research project. In order to make sure that the stimuli I have collected so far are fine, I need to...

What Is Hyperlipidemia...?

what is hyperlipidemia...??

OET - The Occupational English Test?

Hi there, I am a new user. I have recently arrived in Perth, Western Australia. Next year I have to take the OET. I am a Nurse. Does anyone know of any preparation classes...

Write A Letter To Your Supervisor?

my uncle met an accident

Differnce Between Filament And Fiber?

what's the differnce between filament and fiber?

Singular Or Plural?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, should the phrasing be "Five Elements Theory" or "Five Element Theory"?

OET Materials For Dentistry

Hi, Anyone looking for original writing and speaking preparation materials can contact me by email or on my new website (see my profile page for details). I have created writing...

Dowary System?

dowary is important in marriage

Plural Of Arthritis?

Hi, please help me to find plural word for arthritis. sagar dey

What Is The Specific Age?

What is the specific age composition

What Do The Letters Pbr?

what do the letters pbr mean after a nurse's name?

Motivation For A Job Change?

I am not sure how to answer this. This is a question on the application that I am filling out. So for I have written is that I have the desire to interact with more people. ...



What Do The Ititials Pbr?

what do the ititials pbr after a doctors name mean


Are memory-foam pillows the best or not?
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