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I Want To Study Medicine In England?

hello friends! im a student from norway who wants to study medicine in England! doesnt matter where! i'v heard that there is a CAT exam or something like that! where can i...

Correct This Sentence Plz?

, Examination and Anastasia reveals in a different universe with fullness of the posterior cul-de-sac.

`/C 1X Assist. Medical Abbreviation?

`/c 1x assist. medical abbreviation???

What Does This Medical Titles?

what does this medical titles mean; FACFE, DABFM, DABPN,BCETS

Abbreviation For Dentist?

abbreviation title for dentist ?

How Would You Word The?

how would you word the following sentence differently Cross check performed, all treatment parameters met

Medical English Videos

Hi everyone, Learn how to take a history and communicate with English speaking patients. I have created 5 doctor-patient communication videos. When you visit my blog you can...

Back Pain?

i jumped off a wall and land heavy on my feet and then i felt really sore in my lower back more the next day.can you help

A.P.R.N Title?

What specifically is a = A.P.R.N.

Can You Tell Me The Meaning Of These Phrase...

I submitted a manuscipt to a journal ( in elsevier). Current status showed ' editor invited', ' with editor' or ' Technical Check In Progress'. Who can tell me the meaning of...

UBELT Test Bulgaria

How made l ubelt test in Bulgaria? What period?


what are the three names of the small bones in your ears

Letter Of Motivation?

Hi, I am applying for a summer school and I have prepared a letter of motivation for the application. Please let me know how I can improve. ------------------------------- Dear...

My Sister-In-Law Is A Qualified?

my sister-in-law is a qualified gp with 15 yrs expeireince in belarus,can she come and work in th uk as gp or does she need to do retraining

Do I Understand Correctly?

If a metal bar is knocked out, does it mean that a certain part of the metal bar broke and its piece are removed from whole metal bar? Do I understand correctly? Thank you!

PTSD/ TBI Class?

I need help choosing a topic related to PTSD to write on. I am looking for something unique and interesting.


between training shesan absconded

Writing Skills?

How do I write the introduction for a patient's report. For example: In German we would start as follows: Dear colleague, I would like to report to you about above mentioned...

Refills On Prescription?

Prescription vocabulary. Is it called refills or an advance? How should I write? If you have 3 refills on your prescription and your pharmacist knows you well, he might give...


hello anyone could tell me the exact difference between affectation and hypocrisy

Doctor's Title?

What do the letters PAC after a doctors name mean?

Pronunciation Of 'Dermatillomania'?

What is the proper way to pronounce 'dermatillomania'?

Thin Veneer Of Civilization

What does the thin veneer of civilization mean?

Moulds Or Molds?

I’m working on a book for early high school learners, and in the same book I am confronted with “mould”. In one sense, it refers to a cast of something (A plastic mould), and...

Treatment Plan?

What is SX RX means
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