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Mode Of Drug Routes

Hello Teachers, There are many drug routes like oral, rectal, IV, IM, I dermal, local etc. Do you know some other routes? please help. My professor wants answer tomorrow afternoon...

Medical English

Hello, Is there anyone here who wants to learn Medical English?

Difference Betweeb Rubustness And Rugudness...

difference betweeb rubustness and rugudness

What Does DPM Mean Following?

What does DPM mean following the doctor's name?

Scientific English?

So I study englis and I can understand many fields and difficult to the spend time I havent more tim for reading scientific literatur, but my english is better than before three...


How does one correctly write in their degree credentials after their name?


Hello, would anyone be so kind and explain me what the exact difference (if any) is between "inoculation" and "vaccination"?

Profread Abstract (One Page)?

Hi everyone, I need a native or very good english speaker to proofread my English abstract (one page) in my Danish thesis which ends my studies at Metropolitan University College...

Phrase Correction "Learning Disorder"...

Hello, I'm forwarding a question asked by a friend of mineCould somebody possibly help me with the following project name? "The support of pupils with the specific learning...

Threats To Life Can Be Determined?

true or false, threats to life can be determined by looking at, listening to, and touching the patient?

Whats The Abbrevation Of Surgical?

whats the abbrevation of surgical treatment


DNAP and DAAPM what do they stand for doctor in ?

Inner Part Of Cheek Is?

inner part of cheek is called as?

Does This Text Seems Natural ?

Dr, Hammad Malik clinic MBBS BSc MRCGP We provide medical consultations and receive patients without a prior appointment in the clinic, in the central of London. The clinic also...


what is the difference among pharmacy,dispensary and hospital

Dr. Titles?

My old doctor's title is DO. What does that stand for?


Hello! Could u help me please with this. I need the full title and abbreviation of the doctor that is specialized in Radiology, meaning has finished the training and is a fully...

Physiotherapy Was Done Before 3?

Physiotherapy was done before 3 month for 15 days.

Regular / Routine // Blood Test / Blood...

I would like to expand my vocabulary with some medical terms in English. I have been thinking about how to say, for example, if I go to see a doctor for a blood test. Q1) Are...

Physical Therapy?

I'm going to start teaching English to medical students preparing to practice physical therapy. As I know very little about the medical field, can anyone direct me to some resources...

Medical Doctor?

What does the acronym FCHAS after a Gastroenterologist's name

Writing The Abreviation Correctly?

DO or D.O. and PA or P.A.

OET Material For Nursing?

OET material for nursing

Make The Appropriate Translation

Decide which contain brief forms that do not need to be changed and which contain medical slang that must be translated. 1. LABORATORY DATA: Her crit was 35. 2. A procto was...

Hi Everyone Can Ii Get

Hi everyone Can iI get interpretayions for thr titles of my doctor D.Ac. C.C.lr. D.C Thanks
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