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Does This Make Sense?

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is characterized by the progressive growth of neurofibroma from clinically small and non-visible lesions in the dermis of children to large non...


What is an ML degree in medicine?

Clinical Picture Vs Clinical Presentation...

What is the difference between clinical picture and clinical presentation THANKS IN ADVANCE...

Need Information?

Greetings All, I need the list of Qualification of Doctors with Levels and Trades and difference. ...

I Want To Know The Difference Among Show...

Thank you!

Doctor Title?

What does EDD stand for

Medical Paper?

Hi everybody I need help for proofreading of a medical paper which has been accepted but needs revision. Its subject is LASIK.Pls mail for details: Email Removed

Authoratative Powers?

Need to know the relation of a DO vs an MD in relation to ordering prescriptions and referrals


As you are aware that I am in 8 th month of pregnancy due to which travelling has become really very difficult so would like to avail my Paid leave till Maternity


What does 2 dots over a line the 2 dots mean?

Sugest New Pharma Compony Name?

I want to launch new pharma compony plz sugest me new unique name of that compony .

Medical English Exam/Certificates

Hi! Does anone know if there are any Medical English certificates/exams in Europe? Tks.

Medical Adjectives?

Hi, Please tell me what the correct order of these adjectives is: chronic posttraumatic dysmetabolic sequelae disorders (this is a random order) I've read all about the order...

Experience Certificate?

hello sir, i am working as a pharmacist in fernanadis hospital since 2.5 urs i need experience certificate but i don't know the format ply help

Laxative And Purgative?

Hello, sir i have some medical question. I want to know the difference between laxative and purgative. some people say that those are same and some people say they are different...

EKG Waves And Punctuation?

Does T wave have a hyphen? What about R wave and Q wave?

How Long Does It Take To Become A Specialist...

how much time is required to become a specialist doctor

The Title Of 'Deputy Director' Of A Clinic...

I would like to know if the title of 'Deputy' is used to describe an assistant, or someone acting as substitute in director's absence? E. Haas


The length of treatment seems to mediate the success of CBT, with longer term treatments being more successful than shorter term treatments. does this sentence make sense? is...

What Do These Letters Mean Behind A Name...

What do these letters mean after there name

Proofreading Help?

Can you help me check and correct my article? "From a clinical point of view, the number of circulating CD34(+) cells was found higher in patients with neovascular AMD, functional...

Acalculous Cholecystitis?


Medical Terms Matching Exercise?

Hello! I've been helping a friend with an exercise of matching medical terms with definitions. The problem is that i cannot figure them out as i don't have a clue when it comes...

Usage Of 'The'?

Hi, I’m a medical doctor in Japan. I have a question on usage of an article ‘the.’ We are going to host a congress of wound healing society in Japan and preparing a poster to...

Listing Multiple Doctors?

Listing multiple doctors
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