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Listing Multiple Doctors?

Listing multiple doctors

Cellulose Matrix?

Sorbion® Sachet (H&R) Sorbion® Sachet Border, absorbent polymers in cellulose matrix , hypoallergenic polypropylene envelope, with adhesive border (for moderately to heavily exuding...

Rashes On To Face?

I've rashes on to my fase. I have oil skin what should I do to cure my face?

Which One Is Correct?

a. to allay infection b. to allay the symptoms of infection c. both


Hi I am John Just joined I am an English language teacher based in Thailand I have taught a number of doctors to improve their use of English for work with English speaking patients...

Profile Section?

I work as a pharmacy technician on wards for the NHS. On our Intranet, the stock is arrange by the types of medicine forms e.g. Orals, liquids, injections, dietary, etc. On the...


1.i wondered did he loved me or not. 2.has your mom been invited to your wedding last week? Are that are make sentence correct?

Mild To Moderate Thermal Injury?

Endothelial injury results in vascular leakage by causing endothelial cell necrosis and detachment. Endothelial cells are damaged after severe injury such as with burns and some...

German Translation Problem?

Hi guys, hope you can help me. In German we tend to use overly long sentences which isn't so elegant in English. Does this translation sound right to you? "During the night...

A Redundant IN?

I am a medical student in China, so occasionally, I would look up some English-to-Chinese medical terms on Wikipedia.A sentence in Wikipedia related to HBeAg confuses me. ([link...

Establishing Such Factors As?

Figure 35-4 shows a designated end of each light and heavy chain, called the variable portion; the remainder of each chain is called the constant portion. The variable portion...

It Is They That?

Because acquired immunity does not develop until after invasion by a foreign organism or toxin, it is clear that the body must have some mechanism for recognizing this invasion...

Online Questionnaire

Dear friends, Hope you are fine and healthy. Could you please do me a favor and fill up the following online questionnaire which is a part of my research project? It...

How To Say It Better?

Hello, I have some sentences that I would like to rephrase in order that they don't look casual. These are: The stardadized ECG was OK. The lab was clean, as well as the...


who was first prime minister of India ?

Teaching Medical English?

Does anyone work as a teacher for English for Healthcare professionals? Can we discuss how to find online students or international posts?

As And When Needed

Hello, How to use abbreviatin - as and when needed in med. prescription? sagar dey


Hello, I was advised by my boss to send out the following email to a group of medical staff and faculties. Please advise I hereby send this poll for the first OSMB teleconference...

What Does PBR Mean Behind?

What does PBR mean behind a doctors name


we can controll it over a "matter of days".

Disabled, Handicapped Or Invalid?

Hi everybody, Could anyone explain the main differences between these three words? If you want to say that someone is physically handicapped... wouldn´t that be a disabled...

Medicine Sentensis?

Hello? please tell me, how grammatically correct to say that "patient can receive the carry"


my grandfather sick

Could You Please Check This Text?

All doctors of the department do not only work with patients, but also teach for students the basics of Otolaryngology at the University. Scientific practice and teaching experience...

Selling Health Suppliments On Call?

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