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what qualities do you have to succeed in this career ? how do you know you could do this type of work ?

A Footcare Practitioner Has A?

A footcare practitioner has a minst chp qualification. What does this mean


You say a mosquito-borne virus. But what do you say a virus infectious from human to human? 


What is correct ? 1 = Can I go ? 2 = May I go ?

Numbers Starting A Sentence?

writing medical numbers should you write the numbers or spell them if spelled the message might be lost as it stands for procedure codes


Can anyone help me understand this?? " Without acceptance on any further liability for medical care and/or past, present and further temporary total disability, the Employer...

I Want A Help From?

i want a help from a native speaker to record some material for my research

Nursing Titles "ES"

What is and where can I find information on the nurse title, ES? I have searched the computer and can not find the title.

OET For Radiography?

Hi all, I am a post student who studied Radiography. Can anyone please give me ideas to find useful material for studying OET ? Thank you very much, AA

Chiropractor Vs. Osteopath?

what the difference between chiropractor and osteopath?

Fishing Is A Verb Or?

fishing is a verb or verb-ing

What Does T Stand For?

What does T stand for in a resident admit note?

S-V Agreement?

the number of idiopathic and cryptogenic cases are getting decreased. A number of idiopathic and cryptogenic cases are getting decreased. [in the above two sentences, pls expln...

Writing A Thank You Letter To A Medical...

how to writ a thank you letter that has warmth to a doctor for helping you with a situation for insurance company

Scrip V. Script?

I am American, not British, but assert that scrip is more correct for shorthand version of a doctor's prescription. Importantly, the suffix is -tion, not -ion. I learned at...

Which Word Do You Think In Your Mind,...

When you are asked a question like below. Which word do you think in your mind? Question: Where are you going? Answer: To school. 1. school 2. to 3. to school Please, answer...

Requesting Sponsorship To State Board...

How to write a letter, to state board requesting for sponsorship, to attend medical license exam.

Please Correct Me On This Sentence.

Hey, i want to use a sentence and i am not sure how to say it using UK English or native English without mistakes. please correct me. 1.doctors warn: patients may miss the chance...


i am an ex-serviceman who unfortunately suffered a stroke recently. on discharge from hospital the occupational therapists recommened i revamp my bathroom into a wetroom to make...

Medical Title?

What does the initials MACmean after the name of a medical professional ?


Hiii. i dont know or i even can ask something like this ,but my big dream it is spainnnn ,so maybe someone know or it is possibe to get awork in spain for nurse???



Researchers: How Should I Answer These...

I just got selected for the second found of interviews for a PhD project. I need help: Any points you think i should cover when answering these questions? I was told to write...

Iron (III)-Hydroxide Oxide X H2O (E172...

What is the meaning of "iron (III)-hydroxide oxide x H2O (E172)"? It's from the composition of a tablet. I know the meaning of E172 and iron (III) hyoxide and iron (III) oxide...

How Are Babies Made?

how are babies made
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