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What is a Flupast? the label that all drugs have? or the name of a special one? or both?

How Do You Spell The?

How do you spell the medical word pusie? Example: The sore on her arm is pusie.

Application For Leave On Friday?

application for leave on friday

What Is Love?

What is love?

What Does If BP ≫140/90?

what does if BP >140/90 MM HG mean? Take if over or under?

OET Training?

Hi , I am planning to do OET from Dubai,UAE. Anybody know the training center in Dubai.Please reply me in Email Removed Regards Smithu

Can Some One Answer What?

Can some one answer what is AM admit.


what qualities do you have to succeed in this career ? how do you know you could do this type of work ?

A Footcare Practitioner Has A?

A footcare practitioner has a minst chp qualification. What does this mean


You say a mosquito-borne virus. But what do you say a virus infectious from human to human? 


What is correct ? 1 = Can I go ? 2 = May I go ?

Numbers Starting A Sentence?

writing medical numbers should you write the numbers or spell them if spelled the message might be lost as it stands for procedure codes


Can anyone help me understand this?? " Without acceptance on any further liability for medical care and/or past, present and further temporary total disability, the Employer...

I Want A Help From?

i want a help from a native speaker to record some material for my research

Nursing Titles "ES"

What is and where can I find information on the nurse title, ES? I have searched the computer and can not find the title.

OET For Radiography?

Hi all, I am a post student who studied Radiography. Can anyone please give me ideas to find useful material for studying OET ? Thank you very much, AA

Chiropractor Vs. Osteopath?

what the difference between chiropractor and osteopath?

Fishing Is A Verb Or?

fishing is a verb or verb-ing

What Does T Stand For?

What does T stand for in a resident admit note?

S-V Agreement?

the number of idiopathic and cryptogenic cases are getting decreased. A number of idiopathic and cryptogenic cases are getting decreased. [in the above two sentences, pls expln...

Writing A Thank You Letter To A Medical...

how to writ a thank you letter that has warmth to a doctor for helping you with a situation for insurance company

Scrip V. Script?

I am American, not British, but assert that scrip is more correct for shorthand version of a doctor's prescription. Importantly, the suffix is -tion, not -ion. I learned at...

Which Word Do You Think In Your Mind,...

When you are asked a question like below. Which word do you think in your mind? Question: Where are you going? Answer: To school. 1. school 2. to 3. to school Please, answer...

Requesting Sponsorship To State Board...

How to write a letter, to state board requesting for sponsorship, to attend medical license exam.

Please Correct Me On This Sentence.

Hey, i want to use a sentence and i am not sure how to say it using UK English or native English without mistakes. please correct me. 1.doctors warn: patients may miss the chance...
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