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Pharmacy Symbols?

what does a dot over a dash and andother dot underneath the dash mean in the pharmacy?

I Am Writing An Article?

I am writing an article about the microcirculation in the skin. Which is correct "the skin's microcirulation" or "skin microcirculation"? Marie

Check My Grammar?

I got bad reaction in NSIAD drugs, first I start using mefenamic acid as pain reliever for my toothache because my toothache attacks every night this give me hard time to fall...

The Right Moment Of Going To Hospital...

alright, this is not an english-releated topic but I want to hear your opinion. do you go to hospital when you have symteoms or pain? or do you go to hospital earlier when you...

The Abbreviation In Australia After?

The abbreviation in Australia after a Dr's name - (TSC). What does that stand for? Please.

Beautiful And Charector?

Coronation about beautiful and charector

Is It Correct?

Its always been so refreshing at my favourite place sea side

Is There Another Way To?

Is there another way to say "one on one attention?"

I Am Not Going Good?

i am not going good

Please Suggest Some Good Names?


Tense In Medical Referal Letter?

Is the following sentence is correct? Please reply with explanation. 1. Mrs Jones also added that she has recently increased her coffee consumption and takes aspirin twice daily...

Please, I Need The E-Address?

Please, I need the e-address for accesing to Forum magazines for teaching medical english


Hi everybody! If I want to use this structure: It is me who... How shoudl I contínue it? It's me who is grateful. It´s me who thanks you? I'm very confused about this. Thank...


Genetic Etiology of/in Leukemia?


where we write the title that related to clinical hypnotherapy(cHt) after the name or in front of the name?

Is This Correct?

I want to set up the appointment for this Friday at 10am. Thank you.

Brings Or Takes?

"Every step you take brings you closer to your goal." Or should it be "Every step you take takes you closer to your goal." Second one sounds correct, strictly speaking?

So It Was That?

What does 'so it was that....' mean in literature?


What is definetation of uniform and non- uniform velocity

Antenna And Antennae?

antenna and antennae?

Plz Sugest Me A Good?

plz sugest me a good biological name for herbal pharama that can look like different and clicking name

When I Do Exercise. Blood?

When I do exercise. blood come with spit but I'm fit.i have no problem. But I want to know what is the problem.please anybody tell me.what is this?

OET Radiography?

Hello everyone, i am looking for latest review materials for OET for Radiography. Can anyone please give me some ideas where to find or can share materials for studying OET? ...

How To Improve Academic Writing?

Is there a site or book with essays and annotated corrections for grammar --word usage, punctuation, sentence structure etc.? I've seen the Strunk and White's Elements of Style...

Inner Cheek?

Inner cheek?
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