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Requesting Sponsorship To State Board...

How to write a letter, to state board requesting for sponsorship, to attend medical license exam.

Please Correct Me On This Sentence.

Hey, i want to use a sentence and i am not sure how to say it using UK English or native English without mistakes. please correct me. 1.doctors warn: patients may miss the chance...


i am an ex-serviceman who unfortunately suffered a stroke recently. on discharge from hospital the occupational therapists recommened i revamp my bathroom into a wetroom to make...

Medical Title?

What does the initials MACmean after the name of a medical professional ?


Hiii. i dont know or i even can ask something like this ,but my big dream it is spainnnn ,so maybe someone know or it is possibe to get awork in spain for nurse???



Researchers: How Should I Answer These...

I just got selected for the second found of interviews for a PhD project. I need help: Any points you think i should cover when answering these questions? I was told to write...

Iron (III)-Hydroxide Oxide X H2O (E172...

What is the meaning of "iron (III)-hydroxide oxide x H2O (E172)"? It's from the composition of a tablet. I know the meaning of E172 and iron (III) hyoxide and iron (III) oxide...

How Are Babies Made?

how are babies made

New Phd Application Letter?

Hi! I am posting my most recent draft for my letter of motivation. This is going to a PhD program in immunology. I wrote it based on advice I got from people on this forum. Are...

Why Did My Application Get Rejected?

I just got rejected. I was told my motivation was lacking. Here is my letter. Any comments? As a graduate in Biomedical Science, I would like to be considered for the XYZ program...

Grammar Checking For An Article?

Hi, I'm writing an abstract, and I would really appreciate any feedback on this paragraph. Thanks!!! During the last decades, the semen used by farmers has been imported from...

Difference Between Drugs And Medicine...

difference between drugs and medicine

Article For Medical Exams?

The other day I saw the news about a prostate screening test called TUEB in the hospial. Do you put a/the for such medical exams usually?


why some people do not become fatty although they eat much food?

Letter Of Motivation Phd Immunology?

Dear All, Any one know where to get great advice/examples of STRONG letters of motivation for a PhD? I find examples on the internet, none related to science and none of them...

Pharmacy Symbols?

what does a dot over a dash and andother dot underneath the dash mean in the pharmacy?

I Am Writing An Article?

I am writing an article about the microcirculation in the skin. Which is correct "the skin's microcirulation" or "skin microcirculation"? Marie

Check My Grammar?

I got bad reaction in NSIAD drugs, first I start using mefenamic acid as pain reliever for my toothache because my toothache attacks every night this give me hard time to fall...

The Right Moment Of Going To Hospital...

alright, this is not an english-releated topic but I want to hear your opinion. do you go to hospital when you have symteoms or pain? or do you go to hospital earlier when you...

The Abbreviation In Australia After?

The abbreviation in Australia after a Dr's name - (TSC). What does that stand for? Please.

Beautiful And Charector?

Coronation about beautiful and charector

Is It Correct?

Its always been so refreshing at my favourite place sea side

Is There Another Way To?

Is there another way to say "one on one attention?"

I Am Not Going Good?

i am not going good
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