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English Expression?

he is in bed with malaria

Old Purgative Used In Middle Age?

Could you tell me how is called in English an old purgative used in Middle Age that the Spaniards named 'aguardiente aleman' or 'purgante aleman' ? Its composition: Jalapa tincture...


I don't know the term: medical utility Please help me Tuan0296

Hi....Can Someone Tell Me Which?

hi....Can someone tell me which sentence is correctly perceiving its meaning? Doctors recommended him that he could have an angioplasty. 2) doctors recommended him that did an...

Age Grouping On Health Research?

how do you group ages for the purpose of health research precisely cancer research

‘Impaired Kidney And Liver Function’ Or...

Which expression in the given sentence should I choose? Among the symptoms of the Ebola virus disease are (impaired kidney and liver function, kidney impairment and liver malfunction...

What Does ‘Communicate The Virus’ Mean...

I frowned upon reading the following statement: Those men who have recovered from the Ebola virus disease can still communicate the virus through their semen for up to 49 days...

‘For The Prevention Of It’ Or ‘For Its...

Which phrase should I use in the following text? Such a disease is deadly. (For the prevention of it, for its prevention), safe burials and social mobilization must be maintained...

A Comparative Study Between Breast?

a comparative study between breast fed and bottle fed infants revealed that mean weight for age of both groups at 4 months age have no significant differenc, but the Z-score for...

Looking For A Course?

Does anybody know of a face-to-face, teacher-led course in Canada aimed at improving English for a Spanish-speaking nurse?

20 December Or December 20Th?

Which way of writing is correct?

English For Doctors - Book Recommendation

Hi everybody, as there are a few people here whose native language is not English, I thought this book might help you: English for Doctors by Maria Györffy. A friend of mine...


what is your name

Asking For Help?

need an introductory letter . we are working in medical requirements and need an introductory letter to send for companies to be their agent in our area . waiting your reply...

Medical Terms?

Which is used more often by those in the medical field: preventive or preventative medicine?

Is It True That Glasses?

Is it true that glasses can be blue?

Follow Up Or Followup?

I am a medical transcriptionist and I need a help with this question. I have suggested that they follow up with me in ..... or I have suggested that they followup with me in...

How Do You Say If?

how do you say if you are not expert in a specific subject?

Why Can't Cats Drink Milk?

They drink it when they are young, so what does it do them?

Through The Proverbial Roof?

Hey yo Just've been playing a game and stumbled on a phrase i haven't met yet. It was something like "Your blood pressure's through the proverbial roof" So what does it actually...

Health Managment?

a hospital in financial crisis what department may close and closure not effect the services

Want To Start A New?

want to start a new pharmaceutical company for marketing ... plz suggest the names

Medical English/Mature Teacher

I'm interested in the possibility of teaching English for medical purposes. I've been doing volunteer English teaching to Asian immigrants here in New Zealand and really enjoy...

Motivation Leter?

motivation letter for PhD in nanoscience and nanotechnology

Degree Confusion?

I have an MSc in Intellectual Disability Studies, and am currently in the process of creating my own business card. is it correct to write my name.degree as follows: Jon Doe,...
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