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20 December Or December 20Th?

Which way of writing is correct?


what is your name

Asking For Help?

need an introductory letter . we are working in medical requirements and need an introductory letter to send for companies to be their agent in our area . waiting your reply...

Medical Terms?

Which is used more often by those in the medical field: preventive or preventative medicine?

Is It True That Glasses?

Is it true that glasses can be blue?

Follow Up Or Followup?

I am a medical transcriptionist and I need a help with this question. I have suggested that they follow up with me in ..... or I have suggested that they followup with me in...

How Do You Say If?

how do you say if you are not expert in a specific subject?

Why Can't Cats Drink Milk?

They drink it when they are young, so what does it do them?

Through The Proverbial Roof?

Hey yo Just've been playing a game and stumbled on a phrase i haven't met yet. It was something like "Your blood pressure's through the proverbial roof" So what does it actually...

Health Managment?

a hospital in financial crisis what department may close and closure not effect the services

Want To Start A New?

want to start a new pharmaceutical company for marketing ... plz suggest the names

Medical English/Mature Teacher

I'm interested in the possibility of teaching English for medical purposes. I've been doing volunteer English teaching to Asian immigrants here in New Zealand and really enjoy...

Motivation Leter?

motivation letter for PhD in nanoscience and nanotechnology

Degree Confusion?

I have an MSc in Intellectual Disability Studies, and am currently in the process of creating my own business card. is it correct to write my name.degree as follows: Jon Doe,...

Hi I Am Aanabia From?

hi i am aanabia from pakistan i want to launch a pharmaceuticall company give me suggestion aboutnamae


something other than using the phrase(need to be)

Salary Increment?

With due respect, I would like to ask for a 2 dollar pay increase please. If/when I do go with Dr. Siddique, who is my first choice, I would like that pay increase to roll- over...

Can Anyone Help Me With Motivation Letter...

Letter of Motivation I’m seeking the opportunity to enroll in the residential program of MScI International Health that your esteemed institute “H University”. I believe my...

How Zygot Is Formed ?

How zygot is formed ?


What does Fm mean in a Dr.'s title

Learnership Cover Letter?

Hi Can u help me to write a cover letter for nursing learnership at Baragwana hospital in gauteng

Oet Materials Dentistry?

Hi Could anyone help me getting OET coaching or materials online or any helpful link regarding this would be highly appreciated. Please forward me links on my mail <removed...

What Is An ACN?

what is an ACN

On What Ground Were Those Abbreviations...

We commonly use abbreviations such as Dx for diagnosis, Fx for fracture, Hx for history, Sx for symptoms, Tx for treatment or transplant and so forth. It is quite convenient...

International Dental Forum Needs Help...

Hy everyone! Can someone give me some hints on dental medical terms in english (dictionary ...) It is usefull to post the links for users registered on a international denstist...
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