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why do people like t do this


Hi, I need to ask a patient whether he has malaise . Is malaise a medical jargon? if so, what do you say? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance

What Is Crimean Fever?

what is Crimean fever?

What Is The Baby Of?

What is the baby of peacock known as

New Name Suggest?

my self Dheeraj, i m going to start my own(Ayurvedic) pharma compnay. please advise me a good, meaning ful name of the company

Chronic Ill Health?

What is "chronic ill health"?

If The Subluxation Is Secondary?

if the subluxation is secondary to the absence of methyl methacrylate cement on the original fixation, should a consult for removal of loose component and insertion of methyl...

Hi Everyone..If You Are Interested?

Hi everyone..If you are interested for an OET or IELTS preparation. Please contact me. My details are in my profile. Thanks.

Kitchen Sink Approach?

Hi, What does mean"" kitchen sink approach"" in medical textbook? We give these medications as part of the “kitchen sink approach” but the treatment of acute asthma is......

Identify A Product For Me?

Hello, this a little strange, but I try to identify the product that you see on this photo, please! thank you


caring for someone who has had a stroke will necessitate that you help with 1 ensuring they have their medidcations 2. watching for symptoms of emotional problems, like depression...

Hi, What Is The Correct?

Hi, What is the correct preposition for move in below sentence? I'm satisfied with airway, now I move into / onto circulation. Thank you in advance.


Hi, Does judicious mean careful? Patients need judicious fluids since they may go into carcinogenic shock. Thank you in advance

PCD In Pharma?

what is PCD in Pharma?

What Do The Initials OS?

What do the initials OS stand for, in relation to a doctor ?

How To Start A Official?

how to start a official letter to boss

Hi Everybody! I Was Reading?

Hi everybody! I was reading a text and I saw that "she had fallen on that day." Is this fallen on could be the same as faint??

About Tetanus Injection?

Can u decricribe when we will use to the patients ,all time of injury .and once a time in life

Does Sounds Can Be Considered As Psychoactive...

I know that psychoactive drugs that can change mood etc, but does it have to be something chemical? what about sounds? if there's someone's voice or any kind of music that can...

Prescription Dosage?

what does two dots over the roman numeral VI mean?

Give Me A Sample Of?

give me a sample of a conversation of how to make drug with certain measurement of its ingredients

Have A Scientific Solution?

Have a scientific solution

What Do The Initials Pbr?

what do the initials pbr stand for after a nurse or doctors name


In the dictionary it is said that serum is a liquid containing substances that fight infection or poison, that is put into a sick person's blood. How do you use it in a sentence...

Speech And Language Therapy

Hello my name is Naïma and I study speech and language therapy in France. Do you know if there are books or websites about SLT to help me improve my english ? thank you Naïma
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