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Why videos don’t work on my iPhone?

Script Vs Presciption

Hi Abbie How are you? Can you explain the difference between a Script and a Prescription? Are they two different/are they dependent on each other? Thanks...

Feet Or Foot?

When it comes to injury of both foot would you say both feet injury of both foot injury. Or rather Bilateral foot injury of Bilateral feet injury?

Medical Vs General English Grammar?

when I learn medical english.I don't know the differene between medical english and common english.

Can Anyone Help Me With My Research Proposal...

Hello, I am trying to enter graduate school and have to submit a research proposal; I have been through several drafts over the past few months but always get the feeling my...

Canadian Doctors Titles?

My Pain doctor has some titles behind his name and I would like to know what they mean. They are MBCHB, FRCPC, and FFPMANZCA. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. ...

Medical Title Abreviation?

what does IM/HIV, MW,PA,IM,EXP,END,OB/GYN stand for

English Used In Prescription Writing

I have studied the apothecary system, and notice they use roman numerals on prescriptions to indicated the number of tablets or capsules in the signa, such as iii po BID...

Medical Term - Fecal Occult Blood?

Dear Users, I've found a translation of a medical term that is commonly used in my home country and I'm wondering if it's correct: fecal occult blood Another question is, will...

Pharma Company Name For New Launch.

Hello, I am prakash.plz suggest me a meaningful good name for launching of a new pharma company.

Planning And Teaching Pharmaceutical English...

Hello! I'm currently developing an ESL pharmaceutical course for students who already work within the industry. The students will be intermediate and/or/to advanced English...

How To List Professional Title Initials...

Initials for Bachelor of Science Registered Nurse, + Neonatal Nurse Practitioner


Good evening WHat is correct to to say in ENglish ? HYpos or hypo for hypoglycaemia ? and is it singular or plural?

Does This Make Sense?

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is characterized by the progressive growth of neurofibroma from clinically small and non-visible lesions in the dermis of children to large non...


What is an ML degree in medicine?

What This Method Is Called?

Hello sir, i have one doubt that is : ``Drinking the water above the mouth without touching the glass to mouth`` what we call this type of...

Doctors Titles?

What FAAHPM stands for

Clinical Picture Vs Clinical Presentation...

What is the difference between clinical picture and clinical presentation THANKS IN ADVANCE...

Need Information?

Greetings All, I need the list of Qualification of Doctors with Levels and Trades and difference. ...

I Want To Know The Difference Among Show...

Thank you!

Doctor Title?

What does EDD stand for

Medical Paper?

Hi everybody I need help for proofreading of a medical paper which has been accepted but needs revision. Its subject is LASIK.Pls mail for details: Email Removed

Authoratative Powers?

Need to know the relation of a DO vs an MD in relation to ordering prescriptions and referrals


As you are aware that I am in 8 th month of pregnancy due to which travelling has become really very difficult so would like to avail my Paid leave till Maternity

Medical English Teacher

Hi My name is Annie, I am currently teaching both general English and Medical English in Beijing, so love to meet people who has same experience as me.
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