I 'll soon start Medical English courses for students and young doctors. I am a doctor and have been teaching General and Business English for more than 15 years. Can anybody recommend me an efficient and interesting coursebook, video or Cd roms. We have all the neccessary eqquipment ( computers, videoprojector) . Thanks. Peter
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We're currently developing exactly that for the European Union, should be ready in about 8 weeks...

Update: Online medical English course<- Ready now
just out of interest Hitch, are you a medic? you seem to know lots of medical stuff.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
yes, and "other" stuff as well. Have you ever thought of having a mail course or sth?
Orpheus: Nope, i ain't-no-doc. You tend to pick up quite a lot while working on these kind of projects!

Maj: No way, too much as it is!
Yes. Those who have enough brains don't have enough time. And vice versa. (original aphorism)
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Lol, great phrase! (Please email me btw)
I must remember that one too!
yeah Pieter, great phrase. I really like the vice versa part.Emotion: smile
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