I am currently doing a TESOL course with the intention of teaching in Asia from 2008 - as I have a nursing background, and have had an interest in teaching Medical English, especially as I am also involved in medical examinations here in Australia. The school I am doing my TESOL course says that "business english" training is adequate for Medical English, but I am interested in doing a specific course.

I have been told there a positions for teaching medical English in Vietnam - sounds good to me, but I need more info, and would be grateful for any advice.


I'm afraid I can't help you with your specific request, but I would certainly disagree with the idea that teaching Business English is the same as teaching Medical English.
I don't think it is very dicfficult,if you learn some medcial vocabulary
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I certainly disagree that business English is sufficient to teach medical English. It is not just a question of specific vocabulary but usage of certain words and expressions in a medical context. Listen to the free material in Talking Medicine and you'll see what I mean.

Good luck !