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I am a Qualified UK Nurse & CELTA teacher teaching medical English. Chris where about are you in Poland? I'm here too. Maybe we can swap info.

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Hi Im teaching in Istanbul. I did my tefl here and I also worked in medical administration in many specialitıes in various nhs trusts for around 12 years. I want to specialise in teaching medical english here in the private and perhaps state hospitals. I have been asked to construct a syllabus for the language school Im working in can anyone offer any suggestions?

Are there any online courses I could do relating to this area?
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Hi, I am very thrilled to see and read your sight, though, I'm not an English teacher nor in medicals . I'm an adequately qualified Industrial Training lecturar and Instructor. I wish that you find the right material or a good guide to help you attain your goal. Don't give up. I wish you best of luck and your great interest will pay you back. You are very honest in saying what you are. Even at this age you are earnestly humpled youself to aquaire what others fail to... Kudos, keep up the spirit and I'm sure you will achive.
Hi, Your honest and sincere effort will repay you. Even at this age your curiosity to learn a subject is highly appreciated at the same time a sincere motivation for the rest of us. People those discouraged you forget them. In what you have projeced by way of humble request for sugestions shows your sincere effort in imparting the knowldge to the less fortunate ones. I'm an Industrial Training lecturar and Instructor, who wish you the best in achiveing your goal. Bombay, India.
I want to hire a medical english teacher in China.

Where can I find one & what is the expected salary?
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I am a registered nurse and an EFL teacher, currently teaching in South Korea. I taught EFL in China from 2005-2008. I have 17 years of teaching experience (including health care and medical terminology teaching), and extensive nursing experience. My current job ends in July 2009.

Please contact me so that we can exchange information. Salary can be negotiated.


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Hello Chris, I can see that you have a sophisticated medical teaching job. May I ask you for advice? I've retired from a career as a California QME (qualified medical examiner) writing medical-legal reports for state-referred injured workers. While in Taiwan I was invited to teach a trial class at a medical english school (nursing buxiban) I tried to teach a bit of simple physiology but they chose not to hire me saying the students couldn't understand the subject material. Instead they referred me a couple of MD's to teach one on one. It seemed easy to complete a live College Tesol 3 course and teach plain English at a Chinese school but for medical english its a different story. For medical, I can't find any of the amazing selection of materials available for plain english. I haven't seen any examples of how to present and make the subject interesting, especially when the students have a very limited knowledge of english even after 8 years of english in their school system. My mandarin isn't good enough to explain medical words. I'd appreciate any hints on how to design a medical course and come up with workable lesson plans. Thanks in advance John

PS: I hope others will contribute some ideas too.
These course are certainly around. I have taught Medical English for quite a few years at a college in Sydney. If you are familiar with hospital and medical jargon you would be ideal as a teacher, though you should do at least a CELTA certificate as well, to be a more effective teacher. Many countries insist on a degree too. Any degree will do including nursing and allied health degrees. No problems if your qualification in radiography is a degree.

I have been a general ESL teacher for the last decade..as well as a teacher of Medical English.I have taught every conceivable health professional in my courses, even a chiropractor once.

I worked as a general registered nurse for 25 years in the public hospital system in Sydney and am well acquainted with hands on nursing, medical jargon, acronyms, procedures, protocols, the ins and outs of hospitals and of course how to communicate with patients. I finished a BA and did a CELTA, and taught government funded Aged Care nursing certificates before getting into Medical English teaching in a serious way. I loved it and still do.

Have you thought of applying directly to hospital in countries such as Japan, Korea or China? They would all be countries where many people are very keen to learn Medical English (going by the profiles of ex-students). There could well be openings at universities or big teaching hospitals. Don't rely on advertised jobs, hunt them out. Brazil is another possibility. I have also had a lot of students from Germany and France so they would be possibilities too. Bound to be colleges in Auckland etc which offer the odd course here and there. Certeinly plenty of scope in NZ to practice general English teaching too. Good luck malco
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I am currently in China teaching Medical English. If you still looking for a Medical English teacher feel free to contact me.
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